Ezra Goldman & Co., Law Offices
Civil-Commercial Law
205 Dizengoff St.
Tel Aviv-Yafo 63115 Israel
Telephone:  +972 – 3 – 5276015
Mobile:  +972 – 54 – 5644850
Fax:  +972 – 3 – 5276016

Areas of Practice: Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Diamonds, Liquidations, Corporate Rehabilitation, Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Commercial Law, Copyrights, Libel and Defamation, Family and Matrimonial Law, Inheritance Law, Medical Malpractice.

Profile: Ezra Goldman & Co. Law Firm supplies civil-commercial legal services. All stages and aspects of service are supplied by experienced attorneys specializing in those areas, and thus clients are ensured full attention, commitment for personal service and 24/7 availability.

The firm's special capabilities are derived from the experience accumulated in a variety of legal, economic and business matters. The firm is connected to all important legal data bases and uses the state-of- the-art legal softwares. The firm does not employ articled clerks.
Ezra Goldman & Co. Law Firm represents numerous commercial and private clients in Israel and overseas:

• Exporters and importers in various industries – diamonds and jewelry, iron, construction and housing, land transportation, automobiles and others.

• Various industrial companies.

• Private clients – banking, commerce, accommodation.

In addition the firm also handles family law, inheritance matters, estates and wills & probate as well as medical malpractice.

The firm renders comprehensive, intensive and personal accompaniment to its clients and supplies creative counseling in its areas of specialization, in all aspects: legal, commercial and economic-financial. Ezra Goldman & Co. Law Firm is affiliated with US attorneys and supplies legal counseling regarding civil-commercial lawsuits in the US.

Languages: Hebrew, English.